Cycling Grades

  : For everyone, not much technical skills required
  : Medium, has some technicality, go if you have done some MTB before. Nothing too tough!
  : Better skills please. Some single-track experience required
  : Technical riding required

Routes to Explore

There are many routes that you can choose from in Kalaw, Samkar, Taunggyi or Nyaungshwe.

We have put a sample here. Talk to the local cycling shops to find out more about the status of the trails during a particular time of year.

Click on the routes below to read more, or get the trails on Google Maps and / or Strava files. Read more: visit at


t1 Lost In Nyaung Shwe / 15km

15km short easy ride for everyone

Can be done on your own with a small map  


t2 Bike And Boat Adventure / 30km

A non-technical ride best done in the afternoon

Top Tip: go so that you time it for sunset over inle lake

t3 Enduro Heaven / 50km

Great For Enduro riders with some skill on single tracks

Fantastic views are a great way to get from Kalaw to Indein

t4 Lost In Kalaw / 13.5 km

Easy ride around Kalaw, fit for everybody

No herm when you get lost, easy to find way back


t5 Sweeter Than Honey / 57 km

A beautiful back track trip that brings you from Thatyetphu to NyaungShwe. Add a boat ride to cross the lake


t6 Viewpoint To Kalaw / 8 km

An easy downhills on jeep tracks

Fantastic views from the Kalaw viewpoint

t7 Taunggyi Downhill Track / 2.5 km

For more serious downhillers

Need protective gear and a good bike

t8 Samkar Bike and Boat / 26 km

Easy riding on the western banks of Samkar Lake

Includes a boat ride back to Phayartaung